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About Me

Hello, world!
My name is Hung-Yi Loo.

I’m a UX developer based in Perth, Western Australia. I like building beautiful and usable software that runs on the web. Most of the people I work with find HTML, CSS and JavaScript repulsive, but I’m the opposite — I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe front-end web development.

In my spare time, I’m an Emacs adventurer. I use Doom Emacs in WSL with an X server on my Windows host. I would love to use Linux as my everyday driver, but it’s difficult to avoid Microsoft tech working in the Perth IT industry. Thankfully, Windows + WSL gives me enough flexibility to live in between two worlds.

I’ve managed to merge the two worlds slightly by crafting my own (unpublished) major mode in Emacs: tsx-mode, which lets me edit TypeScript and React TSX code using tree-sitter for AST-based syntax highlighting and AST-aware text operations.

I’m also an avid org-mode user. I rely on it to organize my personal and work life using bullet journalling. I also manage a personal org-roam knowledge base for long-lived note taking.

This blog is entirely written in org-mode and generated as a static website purely using Emacs Lisp and my own experimental charge.el. You can see the GitHub repo for this website here.