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06 Sep 2020

How to Do a Project-wide Search & Replace in Doom Emacs

Earlier this week I went looking for "how to search and replace in a whole project" in Emacs. I knew had Doom Emacs set up with evil turned on by default, and I knew to use SPC s p to launch Ivy's counsel-rg for searching the project. What was next…?

05 Sep 2020

Fonts Made for Coding

You may have heard that there are fonts1 designed specifically for programming work, especially ones that use programming ligatures. If you haven't heard—and you cut code—then you're in for a treat today! And if you're already in the loop, maybe you'll find a new favorite font to spruce up your code. Today, I'll explain why I chose JetBrains Mono for my own programming needs, and along the way I'll outline all the programming fonts I've come across so far.

03 Sep 2020

Pure CSS Map Marker

A cute little map marker happens to be one of the things you can easily create with pure CSS without too much sorcery. All it takes is a div with 3 rounded corners, some transform rotation, and (optionally) a matching pair of :before and :after CSS pseudo-elements to dress it up.

02 Sep 2020

Browse URLs in Emacs under WSL

I use Emacs under WSL2 to take advantage of better performance compared to running it natively on Windows, but out of the box the browser integration doesn't work well. By default Emacs will try to open the browser installed within WSL, and since most people won't have one, Emacs will throw its hands in the air and give up.

01 Sep 2020

Easily Copy an Org-mode URL

I'm sharing a simple function to copy/kill/yank the URL of an Org-mode link at the cursor/point within Emacs. It handles plain URLs too: ones that don't have the square bracket delimiters or a description.