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A More Ergonomic Keybinding for Flycheck in Doom Emacs

Doom Emacs uses spacebar keybindings for maximum efficiency and comfort, but flycheck was missed. If you deal with a lot of code errors, this might save you from RSI.

I rely on flycheck a lot for giving me hints on type errors when I’m writing TypeScript, but in Doom Emacs the flycheck commands are still bound to C-c !. Since I don’t have flycheck configured to run ’live’ on every code change (for performance reasons) I found myself pressing C-c ! c manually all the time, which became physically painful. But I think I’ve found a good rebinding that stays in line with the Doom way of doing things.

I’ve chosen simply to bind all of flycheck’s commands to SPC c x instead by putting this in my config.el.

(after! flycheck
  (map! :leader
        (:prefix-map ("c" . "code")
         "x" flycheck-command-map)))

The SPC c prefix is for “code” commands, which makes sense to me—flycheck is for code checking after all. And although we’ve lost SPC c x’s original binding to flycheck-list-errors it’s still easily accessible now through SPC c x l. I think x is a great mnemonic for errors too.

Doing it this way keeps all the keys you’re familiar with under C-c ! since we just forward SPC c x to flycheck’s original command map.

So now I happily mash SPC c x c all day and it’s also much easier to go forward and backward through flycheck errors using SPC c x n and SPC c x p.

Hope this helps. Happy hacking!