My obsession with non-alcoholic beers all started when my sister gifted me a Craft Zero Advent Calendar prior to Christmas of 2021: it was a box of 25 local craft beers with zero or ultra low alcohol content. I decided to keep notes on each one that I tried.

Eventually this list grew into my personal tasting notes of all non-alcoholic beer that I could get my hands on (in my area). I don’t otherwise drink beer, and I have very little experience, so don’t take this info too seriously. It’s also been a long time since I last tasted some of these, so my opinions may well have changed since then.

UpFlow Stout

RATING: 7, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 74

Smells like good coffee. Good body. Quite bitter, but not unbearably so. Creamy, round taste without acidity. I like it. I still react to the alcohol content a little.

Hawkesbury Prohibition Pale Ale

ABV: 0.2%, CALORIES: 120, RATING: 9

Clean, pure, crisp taste. A little tart in a nice way, just barely. Slightly fruity, smokey or hoppy aroma, but not quite clear on that. Not overly bitter. Very refreshing. I like it a lot. No effect from the alcohol.

Molly Rose Strawberry Sublime

ABV: 0.2%, RATING: 2, CALORIES: 83

Wow it’s sour. Quite refreshing, yes, but not really my thing. Smells a bit like cider, but not much aroma. Taste is kind of vinegary. The fruity notes are there. It reminds me of kombucha, but harsher.

Australian Sports ZERO+ Pale Ale

RATING: 8, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 40

Electrolyte enhanced, but I couldn’t taste anything that made it seem that way. That said, it tasted similar to a standard pale ale. Maybe on the more bitter side. I liked it. Light and refreshing. I would have it again. Low calorie, and I couldn’t detect the alcohol despite it being <0.5%.

UpFlow Coconut Brown Ale

CALORIES: 74, ABV: 0.5%, RATING: 7

A little similar to the stout, as if it’s in between stout and a pale ale. Brown sugary aroma, which was quite pleasant. Mild bitterness. Quite enjoyable, but not my favorite

Sobah Pepperberry IPA

RATING: 3, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 75

Very bitter, as expected of an IPA. Rich in flavor, but I couldn’t have it quickly because of the bitterness. I couldn’t taste the pepperberry infusion, maybe because I’m not familiar with it. Not my favorite.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

RATING: 9, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 63

Super light and refreshing. Herbal aroma with a clean, crisp flavor. Almost as light as soda water, but with a rounded and balanced flavor. Just the right amount of bitterness for me. I wish I had more cans.

Nort Tropical XPA

RATING: 8, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 56

Similar to Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, but not as bright (could just be me today). I finally figured out what they meant by tropical, by comparing it with Great Northern Zero. Definitely leagues better. I would love another can of this.

Athletic Run Wild IPA

ABV: 0.5%, RATING: 4, CALORIES: 70

Standard IPA bitterness, which is not my thing (yet?). Fairly good otherwise. Nothing much interesting to report. Not one of my favorites.

Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner

RATING: 5, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 120

Nothing too offensive, but also nothing too special. A pleasant beer. I could taste the lemon aspen I think, which gave it a weird twist. I don’t think I like how savory it is, so that’s why it’s not rated high. Very high calorie too!

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza

RATING: 7, CALORIES: 95, ABV: 0.5%

Light and pleasant. I think I could taste the finger lime. It was citrusy in a nice way. I like it, but not as much as the more traditional beers.

Nort All Day IPA

CALORIES: 60, RATING: 8, ABV: 0.5%

Extremely light, fruity smell, not much taste. Not bitter at all for an IPA. Goes down really easy, but doesn’t have a very strong taste. Just fresh and clean. I wouldn’t say it’s much like an IPA.

Coast Beers Centennial IPA

CALORIES: 33, ABV: 0.0%, RATING: 7

Probably my favorite “true” IPA with the bitterness so far. Clean, puckering, but still has a nice sweet contrast (not in the artificial way). Extremely low calorie, and 0.0% ABV to boot. I would have it again, but the bitterness would stop me from rating it any higher. The hops aroma is very nice though.

Athletic Upside Dawn Golden

CALORIES: 50, ABV: 0.5%, RATING: 7

Not sure what they say it is, but it tastes like an IPA to me. Quite bitter, but not overly so like some of the others. I like it. A solid choice. Clean, hops flavor.

Hawkesbury Prohibition Pacific Ale


This brewery is still one of my favorites. I like the clean flavor a lot. Classic flavor. Doesn’t have any strange aftertastes.

UpFlow Classic Pale Ale

RATING: 7, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 71

A bit funkier than the other pale ales I like, but I wouldn’t hesitate to grab one of these if I had the chance.

UpFlow Ultra Pale Lager

RATING: 8, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 71

Kinda sweet, and lightly bitter. Very refreshing. Nutty or herbal hops aroma. Not much lingering taste. I like it.

Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout

RATING: 2, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 88

Very black, tangy like an under-extracted coffee. Only a little bitter. Smells like hops and rye. Grassy aftertaste. Not really my thing. A very strange combination of flavors. The milkiness is off-putting

Mornington Free Pale Ale

RATING: 5, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 81

It’s the style of beer I like, but it’s a bit watery and it has a nutty twang that isn’t too pleasant. Not that offensive though. Light hops aroma. I’d prefer another one of my favorites.

Molly Rose Citra Citra

RATING: 7, ABV: 0.5%

Quite sweet from the orange juice. Very nice flavor in small amounts, but a whole can is too much (unless paired with some astringent food that needed the sweetness). I enjoyed it quite a lot still. A very unique flavored beer. Not at all too bitter like other IPAs.

Mash Gang Hazy IPA


Awful. Had to tip it down the drain. Not even worth recording any other details.

UpFlow New World IPA

ABV: 0.5%, RATING: 7

Classic UpFlow funky flavor. Pretty good. I would have it again. Not too bitter like other IPAs. Goes down pretty easy.

Bridge Road Free Time Pale Ale

ABV: 0.5%, RATING: 8

Great classic pale ale. One of the better ones.

Big Shed Desi Drive Pale Ale

RATING: 7, ABV: 0.5%

Another solid classic pale ale. Wouldn’t mind this one at all.

Parc Pilsner

RATING: 8, ABV: 0.5%

Very nice. Still not sure what a pilsner is supposed to taste like, but if this is it, I seem to like pilsners too.

Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol Hoppy Ale

RATING: 10, ABV: 0.5%

My new 2023 favorite. Full, rich, tastes just like regular beer. Sweet in a natural way, not in an artificial way like the Heineken Zero or Greath Northern Zero.

Nort Refreshing Ale

RATING: 7, ABV: 0.5%, CALORIES: 57

Low calorie and very light. Goes down easy. Wouldn’t complain about getting served a can of this, but it’s also nothing spectacular. Notably, it’s my father-in-law’s favorite, even compared to some others on this list.