Neovide is a GUI for Neovim. It’s a basic app, so there’s not much to configure that’s not on the neovim side. Having said that, here are some very specific notes related to setting it up according to my preferences.


I use scoop to install by running scoop install neovide. Currently I’m using version 0.13.1.

Font Config

These font settings help render fonts more like how I am used to. Before these changes, the edges would be harsh and sometimes appeared cut off in strange ways. I believe these settings make the biggest impact on low DPI screens.

# ~\AppData\Roaming\neovide\config.toml
normal = { family = "JetBrainsMono Nerd Font", style = "W300" }
hinting = "slight"
edging = "subpixelantialias"
size = 11.0

Inside neovim, these corresponding settings improve the font rendering even more.

-- in init.lua or options.lua
-- seems to make the text thinner and clearer for me,
-- even taking into account font weight changes
vim.g.neovide_text_gamma = 0.9
vim.g.neovide_text_contrast = 0.1