Scoop is a command line installer for Windows.

Its main differentiator is that it pre-processes app installers by extracting their contents so that they can be simply placed into a user’s home directory under a special scoop directory, which increases consistency and prevents the need for UAC prompts when installing. The downside to this is that some apps may behave differently compared to their original installer’s setup.

Since scoop adds its special scoop directory to the PATH, it means that each package installation doesn’t need to add entries to the PATH, and there is less of a need to restart terminals and apps to find executables that have been freshly installed, in contrast to WinGet.


Open a PowerShell terminal and run:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri | Invoke-Expression

To unlock more package sources, also run:

scoop bucket add extras
scoop bucket add versions


Simply run scoop install examplepackagename to install something, or scoop uninstall examplepackagename to uninstall something.

To update all package sources (i.e. check for updates), run scoop update, and to update all packages themselves, run scoop update --all.