Delta is a syntax-highlighting pager for git, diff, grep, and blame output.


I use WinGet to install by running winget install

Git Configuration

This section should be pasted into the ~/.gitconfig file for delta to be used globally across all git repos. The .gitconfig file may already have [core] or [interactive] sections, so make sure to merge the entries carefully.

  pager = delta
  diffFilter = delta --color-only --features=interactive
  features = decorations
  side-by-side = true
[delta "interactive"]
  keep-plus-minus-markers = false
[delta "decorations"]
  commit-decoration-style = blue ol
  commit-style = raw
  file-style = omit
  hunk-header-decoration-style = blue box
  hunk-header-file-style = red
  hunk-header-line-number-style = "#067a00"
  hunk-header-style = file line-number syntax

Now git diff and related commands in a terminal will show diffs using delta.

Lazygit Integration

Broken on Windows!

Custom pagers are not currently supported by lazygit on Windows, as explained in their current documentation. Follow this open issue on GitHub for progress updates.

Lazygit supports using a custom pager (i.e. delta) by way of a configuration change in its ~/AppData/Local/lazygit/config.yml file. Paste in this section.

    colorArg: always
    pager: delta --dark --paging=never