I noticed that this service was chewing up a significant portion of CPU resources on my Windows 11 laptop, and I tried to disabled it according to the common advice on the internet, which was to:

  1. Open the start menu and search for “services” (or Win+R and run services.msc)
  2. Look for Intel(R) System Usage Report Service SystemUsageReportSvc_QUEENCREEK or something similar to that
  3. Right click that item, then select Properties
  4. Set the Startup type to Disabled and also press the Stop button to stop it immediately

But even after that, I found that the service would still mysteriously appear in Task Manager. This was frustrating.

Researching this anomaly led me to this lone reddit comment, which revealed that I had to uninstall the Intel Computing Improvement Program. This can be done through the stock standard Settings > Apps > Installed apps.

After running the uninstaller, be sure to check that the C:\Program Files\Intel\SUR folder is now gone. That’s where the service executable used to live.

How did it get on my machine to begin with?

It could have been there the whole time, preinstalled by the manufacturer. Another possibility is that I installed it when manually downloading and running OEM driver packages from the manufacturer’s website, or I had inadvertently installed when using the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to check for updates.