When installing a package on WinGet results in an error, Installer hash does not match, this means that the hash of the downloaded installer file does not match WinGet’s current knowledge of that installer. This check is for security, and it stops the installer from being run if it hasn’t been vetted. But there is a way to get around it.

Think before doing this!

Consider the security risk when WinGet’s hash record does not match the installer that was actually downloaded. In some cases, this might be legitimate (i.e. a nightly installer was very recently updated and WinGet’s repository has not been updated to match it), but in other cases it could be suspicious.

In an admin terminal, run winget settings --enable InstallerHashOverride to enable hash overriding.

Then re-run the winget install command with the flag --ignore-security-hash tacked on at the end.


Hashes mismatches can’t be ignored or overridden in an elevated (i.e. admin) terminal for security reasons.